Taipei Media School

Taipei Media School is a non-school experimental education initiative jointly established by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, and the Taipei Culture Foundation to foster skills and nurture talent in music, show production, visual arts, and administration. By replacing the restraints of the traditional school system with an innovative type of education, our students will be able to face the future with confidence.


Free from the constraints of the national curriculum, we emphasize development in seven areas: international mobility, passion and focus, information competency, communicative capacity, fitness, initiative, and professional skills. In the first year, we employ thematic learning to enable students to understand themselves better, especially in relation to their surroundings, and create personal connections within media-related industries. Classroom activities emphasize teamwork and communication skills in preparation for the practical challenges of the second and third years.
To give graduates the tools necessary for successful careers in film, television, music, and related industries, we engage professionals from various fields to lead courses. The latest industry trends and know-how will also be made accessible through real-world work placements, as well as visits to sites that involve music, show production, visual arts, and administration.

Message from Our Principal

My ideal education is to cultivate in students the ability to go longer and go farther down the difficult paths of their lives.  
Our aim is to enhance students' ability for self-instruction, self-discipline and self-reflection through three years of experimental education and to become self-respecting and self-confident individuals.
-Yuan Li, Principal


With a core curriculum revolving around both theory and practice, TMS graduates will be well equipped with essential media skills. Through internships and connections with industry practitioners, students will build a network of industry contacts, meaning that they will be prepared to directly enter various media industries on graduation. With a portfolio of work spanning three years, students will also be well placed to pursue university or college degrees at home or abroad.


We welcome junior high school graduates or equivalent, with no age restrictions. Selection is based not on academic records, but rather passion and potential. We therefore welcome any additional information that helps us better understand applicants, such as related media work, self-study achievements, and evidence of foreign language abilities. The Ministry of Education K-12 Education Administration provides subsidies for each non-school experimental education student, with Taipei City Government also providing subsidies for economically disadvantaged families.

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